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The 22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
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Meet the men and women of The 22nd North Carolina.
In MEET THE 22ND we spotlight members of our unit in order for viewers to better get to know the talents, skills, background, and special interests that each one brings to both our unit and the re-enacting community.

We begin our biographical glimpses with a well-known native Gettysburgian...

Captain John Garlach of the 22nd North Carolina

...Staff Officer and Topographer.

CAPTAIN GARLACH, member of the 22nd's Board of Directors, is our nineteenth century answer to George Armani and Ralph Lauren, a real authority on what the well-dressed and appropriately garbed soldier or male civilian wore. Have a question about military buttons or type of jacket or color of uniforms? The Captain is the man to contact!

A supervisor in sales at Centennial General Store on Steinwehr St. in Gettysburg, a Division of the PA Industries for the Blind and Handicapped, has real talent and knowledge in accurately portraying the clothing and accoutrements of the Civil War soldier, whatever the rank or unit.

It is an added honor to have Capt. Garlach as such a supportive member of the 22nd NC since he and his family are native to Gettysburg since the early 1800s; in fact, John Garlach still lives in the original house built in 1820 of great-grandparents Henry and Catherine Garlach on Baltimore Street.

It is from this residence Capt. Garlachs great-grandmother Catherine demanded that a confederate sniper on July 3,1863, not use her attic since she was afraid his actions would draw fire upon her house full of women and children. Alone, she stood firm, and the young confederate opened her front door, covered his escape with fire from his musket, and ran quickly away from her home. Little did he know that the brave Mrs. Garlach was already hiding and feeding in her back woodshed the Union Brig. Gen. Alexander Schimmelfennig.

With his horse shot from under him and chased by closely pursuing confederates on July 1, 1863, the general was able to elude capture by staying hidden in the woodpile in the Garlachs backyard until the battle was over, and the Union had re-taken the town. Mrs. Garlach was able to take some food to him at some peril to herself and informed him that he could now be free to come out of hiding. Her daughter Anna witnessed the joy with which he was greeted by his men who had thought him dead or captured.

Capt. Garlachs great-aunt Anna and his grandfather Frank are featured on the cover of the book "Firestorm at Gettysburg." His family's adventures during the Battle of Gettysburg are recounted in that book as well as in book "Days of Darkness."

The 22nd NC is privileged to have Capt. John Garlach, a man with such a distinguished family history, as a valued member of our unit!

To contact Captain Garlach: