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Colonel's Corner

To all members and friends of the 22nd North Carolina.
January 30, 2011
A new and exciting year has begun.  All companies have been meeting and planning the new re-enacting season.  I am extremely pleased with the progress we have all made in building our companies, signing up recruits and planning for some exciting events.  It would appear that All the companies of the 22nd North Carolina will have the opportunity to meet on the field several times this year.
It was a distinct pleasure for members of Companies A and I to travel to the Museum of North Carolina, meet with members of Companies B and K and attend the dedication of the 22nd North Carolina Battle flag after its restoration.  It was a moving ceremony and difficult to maintain a dry eye.  The flag is now on display for many future generations and speaks for itself.  Lest we never forget.
Flag restoration projects continue and I look forward to attending ceremonies  in the future.
I look forward to a rewarding season as we continue to carry on with our history lesson.  If I can be of assistance to any member, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  The tent flap is open, and I always have a chair available under the fly.   The telegraph line was up the last time I checked.  Mail is a little slow in these hard times, but the Reb courier will prevail so reach out if you need me.
I'm falling out !!
                                  TARHEELS !!!!!
                                                                         Colonel  Snyder