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In Memory

In fond memory of members and friends gone but not forgotten...

"In time, even death itself might be abolished; who knows but it may be given to us after this life to meet again in the old quarters, to play chess and draughts, to get up soon to answer the morning role call, to fall in at the tap of the drum for drill and dress parade, and again to hastily don our war gear while the monotonous patter of the long roll summons to battle.
Who knows but again the old flags, ragged and torn, snapping in the wind, may face each other and flutter, pursuing and pursued, while the cries of victory fill a summer day? And after the battle, then the slain and wounded will arise, and all will meet together under the two flags, all sound and well, and there will be talking and laughter and cheers, and all will say, Did it not seem real? Was it not as in the old days?"                
                      --Barry Benson, a Confederate Veteran writing in 1880.


 Family man, friend, leader and founder of the reactivated
22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment    
You linger with us in Spirit and guide us with an unseen hand. You inspire us with the legacy of your example.  We will always keep a chair empty for you under the shade of the fly. Until that day we can all be together in Glory, our hearts are with you.

In memory of " Auntie Elba" Tirado.


On March 1st, 2010 Company A of the 22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment lost a dear member.  Elba Tirado, known to the company as "Auntie Elba", went to be with her Lord. 
Auntie came to us by way of her Grand Nephew, Sergeant Mark Gonzalez.  Sgt. Gonzalez brought her for a visit at an age where most of us are retiring from re-enacting.  But Auntie loved what she saw and took right to tenting, sleeping in her bedroll on the ground.  Auntie loved to cook and nothing pleased her more than to see the troops enjoying a good meal. 
Auntie always had a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face and those qualities in camp are going to be missed. 
Auntie, rest in peace, and be assured that we shall never forget you and will always save you a chair in the shade of the fly.  Until we meet again, watch over and protect us as our guardian angel, for you were an angel to us.