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Preservation Project

22nd North Carolina Infantry Flag Preservation Project


18th North Carolina Battle Flag
Current Preservation Project Flag

Your Help is Needed!
The 22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment in partnership with the North Carolina Museum of History is looking for partners to help finance the restoration and preservation of  priceless, irreplacable, original North Carolina Battle Flags.  
       The preservation of artifacts from our history is in every American's interest. Living Historians, reenactors, students, educators and history buffs find a personal satisfaction in learning and even portraying the history of our unique American Experience. However, history is not only academic or merely a pastime. Our history is our Heritage.  Our history helps us understand who we are as Americans.  Looking back not only shows us where we have been but what it took to get where we are today and perhaps where we are going tomorrow. It is this shared experience as a people that ultimately holds us together as a nation.
To this end, the members of the 22nd North Carolina regiment seek to tell the story of the Southern Soldier and help preserve these banners that to this soldier and his countrymen were most dear. 
Indeed, to the Civil War Soldier the regimental Battle Flag was sacred.  The banner represented home and Country, their ideal of liberty and the hope of victory and independence.  Taking the post of Color Bearer in battle made that soldier a prime target for hostile fire, yet it was counted an honor and privelege to bravely hold aloft their flag, rally the troops and carry it forward in defiance of the enemy .

Corporal Robert Brooks presents check to NC Museum historians in Raleigh, NC

Stories abound of a color bearer struck down in the horror of battle but refusing to let their standard fall. The wounded warrior somehow finding the strength to hold aloft the staff until a brother soldier could take up the colors and move them still onward. 
It is estimated that under these flags, Confederate forces suffered about 300,000 to perhaps half a million dead and wounded. All Americans share an interest in preserving these irreplacable battle flags.  They are truly "silent witnesses" to American history and sacrifice.
Will you help the 22nd North Carolina preserve these flags? 100% of your tax deductible gift will be used to restore, preserve and display these banners.  Your gift,however large or small, will ensure that the whole story of their proud history can be told for generations to come.
You can help the 22nd North Carolina carry the Colors forward!
Check out the donation packages below. Select the level that works for you. Each donor level includes a thank you gift of FREE SHIPPING for your generous support in preserving an important piece of American History.  See the photos below of our colorful and attractive Special Edition Preservation Project T-Shirts and Decals which ship to you FREE as our "Thank You." 
Remember each donation is tax deductable!  


v  Be a Project Supporter for a donation of $6.00 and receive one colorful and striking Special Edition Preservation Project decal as a thank you for your help.  Donate $15.00 and receive three decals of your choice. Includes FREE shipping.


v  Be a Project Partner for the cause and receive one T-shirt for a $25.00 tax deductible donation includes FREE Shipping,


v  Be a Project Benefactor for a donation of $45.00 receive two T-Shirts save $5.00 and still receive FREE shipping,


v  Join the Color Guard by donating $65.00 and receive three t-shirts save $10 plus FREE shipping plus a FREE GIFT!


v  Become a Color Bearer for a $100.00 donation receive five t-shirts! That's a savings of $25! Includes FREE shipping to your door!


For your donation of $1,000 become an Honorary Member of the Regiment! Honorary Members receive:


v  A personal tour of America’s most famous battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


v  Fall in with the 22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment on its trip to Raleigh, North Carolina.  Attend the re-dedication of the Original 22nd North Carolina Regimental Battle Flag at the North Carolina Museum of History.  Lodging and round trip transportation from Gettysburg included.


v  Also receive the "Color Bearer" package as our gift to you!


See the photos below of the Official 22nd North Carolina Logo decals and Preservation Project T-Shirts...


If donating by check, specify in writing T-Shirt Sizes and which Edition(s) you would like 1) The 22nd N.C. Battle Flag Shirt and/or 2) The 22nd N.C. Logo Shirt.  Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL 


If you are receiving the 22nd North Carolina Decal(s) please specify which Edition(s) you would like. Decals are 6"X6":


1) The 22nd N.C. Logo and/or 2) The 22nd N.C. Battleflag


Send your check and order details to:

22nd North Carolina Preservation Project

c/o Colonel Kenneth Snyder 
4548 Rinely Road 
Stewartstown, PA 17363

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You can save time and money by donating to The 22nd North Carolina Preservation Project  on line by using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or 

American Express. 

Watch this page for details soon!



The members of the 22nd thank you for your help in preserving history! 
Note that the 22nd North Carolina Infantry is a State and Federally registered not for profit living history organization. Your gift or donation is tax deductible.   

Shirts are available in sizes SM, MED, L, XL

(L to R) 22 NC Battle Flag Shirt, Decals, 22 NC Logo Shirt

(Raleigh, North Carolina) Monday, April 19, 2010.  Corporal Robert Brooks and Sergeant Major Tim Anderson visited officials at the North Carolina Museum of History. The purpose of the visit was to advise them directly of  the 22nd North Carolina Infantry's endeavor to back up the museum's efforts to conserve their irreplaceable collection of North Carolina Regimental Battle Flags.  

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