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Original Member History

22nd Member Histories

Those Who Fought In The Civil War

1521A Captain Alney Burgin enlisted with Company K, 22nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry. His Lieutenants were his son, John McDowell Burgin and his first cousins, Charles Hardy Burgin and Joseph Benjamin Burgin The body of the company was comprised of other Burgin boys and allied familes; in-laws, cousins, etc; Alney lost two sons in this terrible conflict. 1521A1 Lt. John McDowell Burgin (First born of Alney Burgin) Died in a POW Hospital from the wounds he suffered at the Battle of Gettysburg. 1521A2 Private George Whitson Burgin (Second born of Alney) was killed in the Battle of Gains Mill, Virginia or at Mechanicsville, Virginia, June 26th or June 27th 1862. 15646 James Lee Burgin (Son of James and Leah) Enlisted October 6, 1863 at camp Vance, served until November 1, 1864 with Co. K, 22nd Regt. North Carolina Troops, better known as the "Bethel Regiment" or "Bethel Boys". 15647 Robert Burgin (Son of James and Leah) C Company, 41st Alabama Infantry Regiment: Captured March 25, 1865. Was a POW until June 9,1865. 15648 John D Burgin (Son of James and Leah) Enlisted the second time in August 1861 with Company K, 22nd Regt., North Carolina Troops. He was wounded at Fredricksburg, Virginia, December 1862, but returned to duty and was present or accounted for through October 1864. 15649 Merritt Burgin (Son of James and Leah) Was killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 156215 John Burgin (Son of Jesse B.W. Burgin) like his cousin Merritt died at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 152146 Benjamin M. Burgin (Son of Jesse Burgin) Co. K, 22nd. Regiment, was stricken with Typhoid Oct. 1862, returned to duty Dec. 1862. 152147 Robert Lemuel Burgin (Son of Jesse Burgin) Co. K, 22nd. Regiment, deserted to the enemy May 7,1865, confined at Washington D.C. until he took an oath of allegiance, March 10, 1865. 152149 Rufus Bradshaw Burgin (Son of Jesse Burgin) 69th Regiment CSA 152143 Elizabeth Malinda Burgin’s husband (Elisha Neal) Died a POW 1865 152125 Lieutenant John Albert Burgin – Killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. 152127 Harriet E. Burgin’s Husband (1st Lt. Samuel M. Young) Died in a hospital as a result of wounds received at Gettysburg. 152311 Mary E. Burgin’s husband (John Carr) Co. K, 22nd Regiment, was killed at Gettysburg, 15291 2nd Lt. Joseph Benjamin Burgin (1st Son of Alney) Was captured by the Yankees near Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 3, 1864. Was exchanged later. 15292 Capt. Charles Hardy Burgin (2nd son of Alney) Company K, 22nd Regiment of North Carolina Infantry: Wounded at Shepherdstown, Virginia, Died of disease & Fever at Fredricksburg, Virginia. 15624 Lt. Colonel Thomas Albartus Burgin – One of two Burgins present at the surrender of the Confederacy at Vicksburg, Virginia. 156242 Captain John Davis Burgin (Second born of Thomas Albartus Burgin) served in the Tennessee Army, Co. F 26A1 Infantry CSA. Present at Vicksburg. 156243 Daniel Augustus Burgin (Third born of Thomas Albartus Burgin) taken prisoner at the Battle of Gettysburg. Remained a POW until the war ended. 152316 William S. Burgin (Son of Josiah) Company K, 22nd Regiment of North Carolina Infantry was Killed at Mechanicsville, Virginia. 1563B Private Jesse David W. Burgin (Son of Jesse and Martha) Served in Captain Mallet’s Army. 15265 John Mann Burgin (Son of Merritt and Mary Ann) Served in Company D, 6th Regiment of North Carolina 15267 Merritt Burgin (Son of Merritt and Mary Ann) Volunteered for service but because of age and health, was turned down. Served in the Home Guard. 152341 Louise Burgin’s Husband (John Davidson) Wounded at Fredricksburg, while serving in Company K, 22nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry. 152362 Rachael Lydia Burgin’s son (William Ben H. Whitaker) Was killed at the Battle of Fredricksburg, Virginia. 152364 Rachael Lydia Burgin’s son (James L. Whitaker) Was killed. He served in Company L, 16th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry. 152366 Rachael Lydia Burgin’s son (Joshua Burgin Whitaker) Served in 25th North Carolina Infantry CSA 152373 Elizabeth Ann Burgin’s husband (Thomas Young Lytle) Thomas could possibly have fired the first shot of the Civil War, because his company was the first to engage the enemy. 152613 George Patton Burgin – Company C, Cherokee Calvary CSA 152633 Ben Logan Burgin – Captain Adair’s Regiment, Arkansas Calvary 156321 Margaret Hudley Burgin’s husband (John Maderson Jordan) Was killed in action, Margaret never remarried.

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